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Modus eTWIST Flash Columns

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Choose either pre-packed, empty cartridges or pre-packed 15%

MODUS eTWIST flash cartridges offer users convenience for manual assembly, allowing for a flexible sample loading method: solid load and direct liquid injection.

Offered in three formats: eTWIST flash cartridges pre-packed, eTWIST empty solid load cartridges for self-packing or eTWIST Plus pre-packed with 15% empty space for solid sample loading.


  • Innovative open-top design
  • Pre-assembled for ease-of-use
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Max. operating pressure of up to 200psi due to unique catridge body
  • Luer Lok end fitting for universal compatibility
  • Choose either pre-packed, empty cartridges for self packing or pre-packed with 15% empty for solid load space
Chromatography Direct MODUS columns are an excellent alternative to other flash columns available offering fast, easy purification and scale-up.

Resolution and Reproducibility
MODUS eTWIST pre-packed cartridges are manufactured using an innovative dry packing technique resulting in higher resolution and reproducibility. Featuring the industry standard Luer®-Lok end fitting, MODUS eTWIST allow for quick, easy connection to most flash chromatography systems including ISCO, Biotage, Yamazen, Teledyne ISCO, Analogix (Varian), Interchim, Grace, Armen and BUCHI. All MODUS columns and media pass through rigorous QC testing which has resulted in an industry-leading quality consistency of media for over 10 years.

Wide Range of Sizes
Chromatography Direct MODUS eTWIST columns are available in 4, 12, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100, 220 and 300g formats and are optimised for purification from 10mg to 42 grams. They are designed to offer users the most convenient system for manual assembly allowing for flexible sample loading methods: solid load and direct injection.

Extra Thick Reinforced Cartridge Body
All Chromatography Direct MODUS columns feature an extra thick reinforced cartridge body enabling our columns to withstand the pressure of modern flash systems.

Accessories and Bulk Silica Gel
eTWIST empty solid load cartridges include screw cap, frits, disbursing unit, O-ring and end tips. Bulk Silica gel is also available - please contact us for details.

Open and Close Time and Time Again
The eTWIST cap features a seal & secure thread allowing liquids to be added directly through the open column eliminating the need to inject via a syringe.

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Samples/Buy Modus eTWIST Flash

Manufactured to the same high standard as S Series and packed with economical, high-quality gel or Alumina. Ideal for routine academic or basic flash chromatography.

Machine packed with ultra-pure Silica gel
using a unique dry packing technique which
guarantees high resolution and
reproducibility. Ideal for everyday purifications
with excellent performance upto 300 psi.

High pressure are spin-welded for pressures
of up to 400 psi. Available in ultra-pure
irregular or spherical Silica. Designed for
greater efficiency and peak shape upto
400 psi.

Manufactured with the same cartridge as
P Series and packed with ultra-pure,
high-quality, highly-efficient bonded Silica.
Available in C18, NH2, SAX, SCX, CN and Diol
upto 400 psi.

A convenient system for manual assembly,
allowing for flexible sample loading method:
solid and direct liquid injection. Available in
pre-packed ultra-pure silica gel or empty solid
load cartridges.

Speciality cannabis extraction columns. When compared to a Standard Reversed Phase Column, MODUS CBD allows over 200% more loading capacity resulting in improved resolution and isolation of all cannabinoids.